Empowering All Learners. 



To inspire, motivate and empower teachers to meet the DIVERSE needs of ALL learners by providing an innovative approach to mathematics instruction.   


Since 2002, mathematics teachers have been implementing the Guided Math Framework in their classrooms to meet curricular outcomes. Schools across North America are harnessing the power of small-group instruction to empower their students to be mathematically proficient. 



  • Specialized attention with focused learning tasks for different learning styles and abilities.
  • Flexibility of framework which allows teachers to align and adapt Guided Math to their teaching style.
  • Outcome based instruction that aligns with your current curriculum.
  • Small groups allow students to experience deeper understanding.
  • Ongoing systems of balanced assessment for increased student growth.
  • On the spot misconception analysis allows for immediate feedback and redirection. 
  • Student engagement and time on task is maximized.
  • Improved student disposition towards mathematics. 


What Teachers Using Guided Math in their Classrooms are saying

“Probably the best way to get to know your students as learners.  The opportunity to differentiate for each individual cannot be matched.” -Sven Divay, San Antonio School

“Every classroom has diverse needs (especially my classroom which is K – 4).  Guided Math allows me to teach meaningful lessons to small groups, based on their needs and abilities.” -Megan McLaughlin, Cold Lake School

“When working with a small group, I can immediately re-route a student who is incorrectly applying a concept and guide them on the right path.  I know if my teaching methods are actually reaching each student, as they are literally sitting within an arms-reach of me.”  Meaghan Wlock, Duke of Marlborough School

“Before Guided Math, report cards were hard to write because I didn’t know the students as well as I thought I did.  When I think of the outcomes now, I know which students have mastered them and what needs other students have to be able to master them.  Report cards are a breeze!” -Danielle Brown, Wanipigow School

Our Origins

Laney Sammons M.L.S., is a former elementary teacher and instructional coach. During her 21 years working in classrooms, she developed Guided Math: A Framework For Mathematics Instruction to support the diverse learning needs of her students. 

Laney has recently retired from her work as a mathematical consultant during which she trained teachers and educational leaders to use her framework. She has presented at National Council of Teachers of Mathematics conferences. Laney is the author of numerous Guided Math educational resources. Guided Math Consulting is honoured to continue providing teacher training on Laney's effective and innovative framework. 


There is no one ‘right’ way to use Guided Math. By sharing our ideas, we can help each other implement Guided Math in ways that work best with our teaching styles and in our classrooms.
— Laney Sammons, Author of Guided Math: A Framework for Mathematics Instruction.